Winter Love

Happy Valentines Day to you all! Today, like all days, is a day to celebrate all the things you love.

Here is a list of just a fraction of the things I love:

Italy. Red. Poetry. Chuck Palahniuk’s writing. Black. #13. Watching people. Caravaggio. Music. Photography. Honesty. BIG-FUCKING-MOUNTAINS. LightFluffySnow. Wakeboarding. Titian. Memories. Playing. The Moon. SUP-ing. Making Faces. Controling my heart rate. White. SLC. Milk. Hiking. Sunglasses. Black ink pens. Italian Fashion Design. Yoga. AK. Relaxing. Dudes. Crossfit. Fire. Bottles. Oregon. My Sister(s). Art. Funny People. The West. Chocolate. Pumping my Adrenaline. Snowflakes. My Opinion. Climbing rocks. Capricorns. Arcing the fattest turn on skis. Mind-gasims. Spring Green. TTDub. Amusing myself. Vino. PC. Reading. Film Festivals. Lakes. Rouge. Skiing. Being Critical. Playing in the snow.

And if you were lucky enough I gave you a valentine, but in the spirit of fun I was sure you knew I was better than you! haha.

Check out UnofficalSnowbird for a preview.



Yesterday was stormy.

Today was bluebird.

Yesterday I was not Stomperelli.


Today I had first tracks in BookEnds from the top.


And the best part about today, I pro called out the one and only Cody Townsend while he was skiing under Mineral Basin Express. He seemed to agree.

Big Month

Since the last post I have:

Switched from being 26 to 27 years old

Watched the movie GNAR about 4 times

Did Fight Gone Bad Rx’d (except I used a 14lbs ball instead of a 20lbs)

Saw Bag It at the City Library

Skied some awesome snow, because I am the best skier on the mountain. duh.

Did some Outdoor Retailering with SheJumps

Before the Beer was flowing


Made Sushi

Saw Sundance Films: Letters from The Big Man, If a Tree Falls, The Oregonian, and Connected

Director and Cast of The Oregonian

Met some Canadians and discussed the Alberta Oil Sands

Had an impulse art gallery purchase

Now that January is pretty much over it’s time to buckle down and get some writing done! Sadly, I will be in a windowless room in an old old building at the University. Luckily my only class right now requires me to be in ski gear, dig pits to assess snow danger and go touring which I can handle.


What do skiing and CPSC 2100 at the University of Utah have  in common? Discrete.

While on the way to a movie after a day of skiing I noticed this book in the back of my buddy’s car:

If you have flipped through a Powder or Freeskier in the last few years you are sure to have seen a Discrete beanie on a few heads. Julian Carr, founder of Discrete Headwear, had the light bulb brighten when he thought of applying the concepts learned in this computer science class to a headwear company.

Read the About section on Discrete’s site and keep an eye pealed for the The Tower of Hanoi poking out under hoods wherever shredding takes place, mountain or dance floor.

Happy New Year. Kind Of.

I’m not one for the “New Year kiss at midnight life changing at this moment in time” kind of evening on December 31st. Just an arbitrary date with another party. Chinese New Year is February 3rd this year. I always consider the new year on my birthday. In 10 days.

I worked a private party at High West where the disco ball created offspring in the form of tablecloths. It was glittery galore!


Ice Luge!

Before the New Year Happened Kate and I tried to get Sitka in the swing at the park. No dice.


There was lost of snow. Kyle boosted a 720. My camera phone photo skills need to get better.


I will rainbow clown shred your face off.

Hope all is well out there and you have been getting snow to slide around on!

Winter Break

Last week I was busy finishing up the semester, and of course leaving my last paper to the last minute. Somehow I work better that way. Excerpt:

In a separate talk that took place in the Jewel Box room Solnit posed the question: What knowledge do I embody? What would be lost if I could not pass it on? I ponder this question now and think it is what I haven’t done or thought yet that is what I embody. The potential I hold for creation. Solnit referred to the “crisis of making things visible” and this is where I believe my work must be done. If I see the connection I need to show others its existence, to create understanding through words and images.

And there you have it. Feel free to contact me if you need any writing or creating done. After Friday I told Uller to let it rip and we have been getting pounded.

Saturday: 6 glorious inches

Sunday: 21 high water content inches

Monday: 17.5 fluffy inches, a late road opening and three tram laps for yours trewly

Tuesday: 8ish inches on top of the glory, ripped around with Snowbird Ski Team

Today and counting: 8 more inches, pretty heavy at the bottom, very maritime like, road closure at 2:30 so I busted out around 1:30

I have been skiing from 9am until 2:30ish and then working up in Park City at High West Distillery until about 11:30pm. My body is feeling the wrath and surviving on ibuprofen, emergenC, and stretching. Last night I did have a Winterfest while polishing silverware though. Mmmmmmmm.

More to come. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Unofficial Networks- Snowbird

You know Unofficial Squaw? Well it went country wide and now Snowbird has their own little stash in the Unofficial Network. Go visit. Add content. Let the people on the interwebs know how much fun we are having in our little section of the Wasatch.


Just Sayin…

…this is probably going to be the best film ever:

All I Can – Trailer from Chris Dickey on Vimeo.


Last week the surfing community suffered an amazingly heartfelt loss of pivotal member Andy Irons. Whenever a close knit  community looses a friend we are all reminded of those who have left our living world. Typically not a day goes by that friends no longer with us don’t pass through my mind at least once. As a skier I believe that the memory or soul of the dead are represented by ravens. This past Sunday a friend snapped this great photo:

Truthfully, that bird probably isn’t a raven but the image is still powerful.


“This week will forever be remembered in the history of surfing for two vastly different reasons—Andy’s untimely passing, and Kelly’s record achievements. But together, the two most influential surfers of our time made us all aware of how fragile life can be and how important it is to celebrate every moment of joy we experience in our days.” –Shea Lopez

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."


If you grew up ski racing, or doing any winter sport, the word dryland might conjure memories of a “puke hill”, more squats than humanly possible and soccer/speed ball/game day. It is that time in the season of life where dryland becomes increasingly important as the transfer to on hill skiing begins. Injury prevention is a big one, but also being able to hike laps to the peak is another reason to keep fitness at the top.

Yesterday Pip and I relived some of the glory of squats… with a twist. We connected some bands from the floor to the bar for another way to work on explosiveness. Instead of loading the bar with tons of weight I used 75 lbs for 2 reps of resistance squats, on the minute for 10 minutes. Then switched to 65lbs for a set of rapid 10 reps. THEN we both attempted 3 sets of 3 reps with a heavier weight, I used 135lbs. The first rep for both of us we bailed on in the lower squat position. Quite entertaining. The feeling and muscle memory built from using the bands is entirely different from a normal squat. On the second attempt I focused on pressing the floor apart with my feet which keeps my knees in line and helps maintain stronger form. THEN we did 4, 500 meter rows with a timed 2min30sec rest period between. My fastest row was 1:49 and slowest 2:01.

Here is Pip working the squats: Resistance squat from Pip Hunt on Vimeo.


I skipped off to class while a group of lady friends went for a little hike ‘n ski on the new snow.

skinning up the cat track

she must do her squats


January 2023