Starting Slow

i can’t spell. yes my 1st grade teacher told me to take the word “can’t” out of my vocabulary. there’s just a few things i’m not amazing at; one of them is pull ups, the other is spelling.


i’d like to comment on an article i read in the newspaper titled, “Europe isn’t U.S. with an Accent”

ohh really! god damn!

the articel goes downhill from there. i was once told the newspaper is written at a 6th grade reading level but even a 6th grader would agree they could’ve written a more informative article.
the first paragraph is as follows, “The first thing you notice about Europe is that it’s like this whole other country. Actually, it’s several other countries, maybe even half a dozen.”

really?! thanks for that since i’ve never seen a map before.

selected quotes:
-Because it is a foreign country, Europe takes some getting used to.

EUROPE IS NOT A FOREIGN COUNTRY! europe is made up of many foreign countries, “i’m going to the foreign country of europe later this year.”- no. no one says that.

-As you might expect, Europeans eat some pretty strange stuff. It’s delicious but you can’t pronounce any of it.

this is why people hate americans. you can’t say it, so don’t even try and while you’re at it act better than everyone around you.

-Lots of people speak English in Europe. However, it’s often mangled and mispronounced. You have to listen hard to get what they’re saying.

did the McCain-Palin campaign write this article? jesus people.

i wonder how many people found this article to be informative and a decient read?
and of those people how many were older than 10?
i don’t think of ‘our country’ that often because when i do it increases my blood pressure and makes me want to move to the great country of europe.


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