Notes on a Debate

I watched the debate last night.
At this point if you are wondering “what debate?”, I want you to remove your hand from the mouse or keyboard and bitch slap yourself across the face, now go to, sleep on your open computer, retrieve information via osmosis during sleep, get an educated opinion, vote.

I did quite a bit of yelling at the TV last night as well. I should’ve been writing down what I was yelling, but I’m new to blogging so I will in the future.
I’d watch it all again but truthfully it was boring.


  • McCain looks kind of like he’s had a stroke
  • I don’t give a shit if you want to increase the tax deduction for children from $3500 to $7000 because I will not have children in the next 4 years
  • Really?! minus one point for mentioning 9/11
  • Double the Peace Core?! Interesting…. keep talking….
  • Lights?! I was born before electricity, so if you say I’m taking too long then I’ll wrap it up, I don’t know how to gage the lights.
  • “This is a yes or no answer.” “Maybe.”-you’re not funny. stop laughing.
  • Woah, the middle class ends at $200,000/$250,000?! That must be per family, because if I were making that much money I’d say I were in the upper class. and i would own a home and get a massage weekly.
  • Going to a discussion with preconditions is so second grade, “I’m only going to show up to the talk if Sally agrees to stop flirting with Bobby in geometry class. If she agrees to that then we can discuss the possibility of trading colored pencils.” Stupid way to look at talks.

That’s all I can remember yelling about. I did start making an apple/pumpkin pie/cobbler thing near the end which took most of my attention off of what was going on to trying not to cut myself.

I’ll try and take real life notes (note to self: start writing down Notes to self).


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