Last night was the 3rd Oakley Party I’ve attended in SLC and per usual it was a b-l-a-s-t.

The crew I went with, Team Super Awesome Sunshine, wanted some opticals so we went early. While waiting in line I saw Grete on top of the mobile O Lab and waved like a crazed TRL (RIP) fan until she saw me. Eventually she came down to say what up, and brought her TV crew along. She spit like Katie Couric and I answered questions left and right. It was a great time and good practice for next time in front of the camera. Must say, I was nervous even though it was only Grete.

DJ Knuckles always spins it for body moving optimism and last night was no exception. At 10:00 the Lifesavas came on and rocked The Depot until last call. Some didn’t even make it to last call which happens when Oakley provides an open bar all night. Love that vodka Red Bull. Kept it low key this time around (clothing and dignity intact, apposed to the last 2 Oakley Parties) and made it through the night.

Successful evening with friends. Mojo put it best: “Mojo 1, Oakley Party 2”

Until next time, thanks Oakley for the season pump up!


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