Celebrity Ski Classic

This weekend the Glitz and Glam took to my world expertise and came out to Deer Valley Resort for the Celebrity Ski Classic and opening weekend. The Resort opened with 6 runs and not a pebble to be seen on any of them. Saturday I spent the day on The Beach and in the VIP tent where I saw some celebs including Gwen Stefani  and her Hubby Gavin Rossdale.


Sunday I donned my own equipment and took to the slopes where I met up with a be boppin crew of Vanessa, Lindsey, and Anette, all celebs in their own right. As the day progressed we found more friends on the hill and ended with a beer at Silver Lake lodge.

I must say the highlight of the weekend was seeing Heidi and Spencer. I was slightly disappointed to see such a huge goggle gap on Heidi, she’s from Crested Butte!


It’s currently dumping outside…. I may *cough* be a little sick tomorrow *cough*.


2 Responses to “Celebrity Ski Classic”

  1. 1 Pip Hunt December 10, 2008 at 6:06 am

    her mom was our coach! What a waste… total total waste… and seriously bad representation of Crested Butte…

  2. 2 The Dex December 10, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    And we are doing such a great job of representing the butte as well Pip…

    And another note Gabon rosdale so hot right meow

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