My arms are burning but I still have five more OHS (over head squats) left to do. I contemplate re-racking the weight and taking a break but then think, do I get a break in my comp run, do I get a break when filming a line for a movie segment: NO. I push through the last five, rack my weight then immediately pick up the 35 lbs kettlebell and start swinging. After 20 I literally drop it and walk to the pull up bar, I walk to catch my breath but I should be running, grab the bar and bust out 25 pull ups. Again I walk, but to the rowing machine and begin rowing 500 meters; after 400meters goes by I give everything my body has left.. Push! Push! Row! Stroke! Stroke!… I hit 500 and lay down. I’m out of breath, my arms and my legs feel like dead weight. I get up, get some water and write my time down on the board, 17:40. Nice, I think to myself, I beat some of the men. The WOD (Workout Of the Day) today is called ‘The Ramstein’ and it consists of:

500 meter row
25 pull ups
20 kb swings 53lbs for men/35lbs for women
15 overhead squats 65lbs for men/45lbs for women
10 burpees
Run 400 meters
10 burpees
15 overhead squats 65/45
20 kb swings 53/35
25 pull ups
500 meter row

All for time

I have been doing workouts like this 4-5 times a week since I was introduced to Crossfit at a conference in the end of September. Crossfit, to me, is about power and the power you generate from your body’s movements and the want to be generating power for a longer period of time. This translates well to my sport of choice skiing. I can go make 4 solid runs but what if I start getting tired after that? So I’m tired, I’m skiing down and instead of charging I sit back and enter a bumped out section on my run? Injury for sure. With Crossfit, and The Ramstein WOD, I just exerted my entire body at maximum power for 17 minutes. I’ve never skied a 17 min run but if I ever encounter one I know I’ll be ready to charge it the whole time. I enjoy the basic moves of the workouts; sit ups, pull ups, squats, run/sprints, ball throwing and burpees. I even get to show off my jump roping skills that I honed in elementary school! The gym is a very accepting place too. It’s not full of super muscle men grunting all the time, although there are some grimacing yells. Typically I see a middle school aged kid, his brother and dad, an ultimate Frisbee player, a petite woman and a few well dressed young adults who come straight from work. Everyone encourages each other and extends high fives after the WOD. For example, as I get ready to leave my friend comes in to do her workout, no one else has come in during her warm up, and so she gets ready to start the WOD alone. She asks if I will do the first 500meter row with her. I’m spent but say, sure let’s do it!

I encourage everyone no matter your age or how in shape you think you may be to find a Crossfit near you and just try a workout. 


My gym’s site

Crossfit Official site


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