What A Weekend

Friday: Was going to go see a movie but decided I would fall asleep. My sister called to ask me which doll I wanted to be in our rendition of Enchanted World. I pick the Swiss so I could hand out the milkmaid chocolates. Went to my sister’s where her roommate and I practiced our best impressions. This is probably only exciting to an Alaskan.

Sat: Got up early, made some french toast on Cinnamon raisinbread and headed to Alta. Made a few runs, apparently on the wrong lift since I didn’t see anyone I knew. Then met up with the sis at Snowbird for some runs until my face was frostbit. I still can’t rub my nose without pain. Got home made a panini then went to Pip’s for holiday goodness. We made a cake and chili for Carston’s B-day.


Sunday: Worked at DV all day. Got a call informing me there was an inbounds slide on Baldy at Snowbird. This left me distracted the rest of the day thinking about life. Had dinner with the folks and took 3 of my mom’s december magazines because there are tons of recipes I want to make.


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