I love Utah. As I love Alaska. And as I love Oregon. Yet people continually bash the crap outta my current home.

  1. “You can’t get an alcoholic drink in Utah, and when you do it’s not real.”
  2. “There are Mormons everywhere.”
  3. “Salt Lake City is not a real city.”
  4. “There is no ‘culture’ in the area.”
  5. “Denver is just as close to the ski resorts as Salt Lake City is.”

Listen up here all you haters!!!:

  1. I manage to not only get a drink but it never seems that difficult either. True ‘private clubs’ are a bitch but how hard is it to have a “friend”(aka: rando in the bar) say you are there to see them to get you past paying for a membership… You can have 2.5 jiggers of hard alcohol in a mixed drink and as many ‘flavorings’ as you can mix in.
  2. I don’t notice these Mormons you speak of. It’s not like they are required to wear a special hat for recognition purposes. Is it really so bad to have a friendly city? And numerically speaking they only make up 50% of the SLC area.
  3. Why because it is impossible to get lost due to the grid system? We have neighborhoods just like other places. Is it because we take care of each other and have half of the national average of homeless individuals? You’re right we lack in the sky scrapper division and bars do close early, but when you need to be on first chair/first trail/first ride/dawn patrol anything the bars stay open late enough.
  4. There is the large brobrah culture for shizzz… but that gets broken up with gallery stroll, the slc film society, symphany, ballet, farmers markets, art festivals, free concert series, ethnic resturaunts, and the like.
  5. Now visual representation of the SLC/Denver debate:

With all that said I do like skiing powder days after the storm. So keep bad mouthing if you will… more for me!


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