Fake Out

Sometimes I don’t read my emails when they come to my in box. Sometimes I skip over them to read more important ones. Recently this happened to an email from ‘admin’ sent by Sleek Mag, my favorite art and fashion magazine from Germany. The email is typical around this time, it’s just there to tell me what the theme of the new issue is going to be. So after a week sitting in my in box I opened it and came to find this at the bottom of the email:


I thought, “What?! I love B&B! I used to buy it at the Bake Shop for $1!” I did some further investigating… who would think bread and butter had a convention!

Mind you it’s early and I didn’t make the connection this ad was in a FASHION magazine.

Turns out no actual bread and actual butter. But a fashion get together by groups in the following categories: Denim base, Fashion now!, Sport & street and Urban superior. And this image was on the home page of the Denim Base:heartpg

Major players and progressive brands of different nationalities, philosophies and heritage, united by their passion for the indigo fabric and the blue blood in their veins – that’s the Denim Base!

Bad ass.

Anyway, it would still be rad if bread and butter had a tradeshow. Maybe honey could make a guest appearance.


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