Post CB.

What a crazy mountain. I got some excellent freeskiing in by asking locals on the lift if I could just follow them around and by skiing with Hannah and the ladies.

The headwall where qualifiers were heald was salt and pepper laden. I wasn’t sure where to go or what scores well, it was my first time competing in Crested Butte. This is a competition so asking people questions is not an option. Ye ask and ye shall not receive answers. But in general I am having trouble choosing a tough line that I think I can ski well. “Think I can ski well” is the key on that one. Last winter was actually the first time I went skiing more than 15 days since the ’03-’04 winter. I’m playing catch up in terms of confidence in my ability and competitive mental thoughness. I’m always second guessing myself and where to go in addition to not remembering how to get in ‘my zone’. The last time I was out of my head and just going was a climb in the summer of ’06.

Finals Venue Hourglass

Finals Venue Hourglass

Aggressive Spectating

Aggressive Spectating

From the sidelines I watched Pip kill it and end up second. Michelle Manning send her way to first and Crystal Wright pulled in third. Great showing by the men as well. Bryce Newcomb gave us all a scare when he tumbled down a rock face dodging trees. He smashed a few pairs of glasses in his pack, got cut through his pants and sliced his ass but, he came out alright.

You alright buddy?

You alright buddy?

Next send: Taos.


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