We need them.

We love them.

We abuse them.

The knees are the redheaded stepchild of my body. There when you need them but not always looking good because you’ve gone Cinderella on their ass.

I went to get my left one looked at the other day because it has been aching weirdly for a while now. I have already had an ACL repair in this knee so I knew what that feels like, and it was not that.

For those of you new to knees here is a great drawing:


Apparently I have some torn meniscus flapping around in there. This is not causing too much pain/internal drama yet. If it gets worse it might flap up into other areas and be in the way not allowing my knee to straighten or try and start street fights with the ligaments in the kneeborhood.

Less than Stellar

Less than Stellar

I’m still going to ski hard which means most likely a summer scope. Vernon Cooley is the man and I wouldn’t mind spending a May morning with him to get me all fixed up strong. In the mean time I will mainline Glucosamine and Ibuprofen my favorite NSAID.


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