On Saturday I attended the Monster Energy AMA Supercross and now I want a motorcycle. I still don’t know much about the riders except that my crew of fellas said we wanted Weimer to win his class and for Reed to beat Stewart. I was ok with this since apparently Weimer is from Rupert, ID where the beer I was drinking came from. My girlfriend Mckenna said we also had to cheer for number 33(Gracyk) because she saw him once and he was cute. This made for some amazing racing.

There was fire.

There was fire.

The event started with some pyrotechnics that made me want sweet flames on the top of the mountain when I start a comp. Don’t get me wrong, I love the spirit of lighting off miniature ones at the finish, and getting yelled at for it when we accidentally shoot them into a passer byer, but this would be insane.

The smoke ring left by the flame.

The smoke ring left by the flame.

HUGE smoke rings!

HUGE smoke rings!

Both Weimer and Reed ended up 2nd. 33 fell over in the ‘last chance to make it to the finals’ heat but still almost managed to make, almost.

I think the coolest part, besides the energy and all round atmosphere, were when the riders would do a lense tear off in the air over this tripple before the last turn to the finish. So smooth and like, “what? i can’t see. nbd, i’ll just get that out of the way mid air. that’s better. SENDING!”

The boys did tell me that Chics don’t do Supercross, and if they did they would take waaaay longer to get around the course. I don’t know why this is because Chics who ride bikes are suposed to be pretty tough and practice just as hard as the Dudes.

Yes Please!

Yes Please!

Anyway, this does not change the fact that I now want someone to teach me to do this. Any takers?


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