Rockwell Timekeepers

In the past if you happen to glance my way while I’m chilling on the mountain you may have gone temporarily blind because I wasn’t wearing a shirt and the white of my belly reflects the sun better than the snow. Now though, it might be the amazing bling on my wrist flashing backatcha!

21K Gold!

21K Gold!

Wanted to let you all know about the most excellent watches around, Rockwell Timekeepers. In their mission statement they claim a “100% commitment from our athletes to their sport, and their representation of Rockwell on the track, court, cage, and field(I’m adding Slope to the list). And a commitment from everyone who rocks Rockwell to live a life of uncompromising action and confidence”

This is a brand I can stand behind based on their mission as a company and I feel even better about these guys because this company is based in the one and only Salt Lake City, UT!!


I’m joining a team with members ranging from Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz, supercross star Davi Millsaps, professional snowboarder Drew Fuller, and olympic volleyball gold medalist Ryan Miller. Stoked on this opportunity and the bad ass timepiece I now have.

Forecast: Stylin with a 100% chance of knowing the time

Forecast: Stylin with a 100% chance of knowing the time


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