Snow? Snow!

If you’ve been in the Salt Lake Valley area over the past month you’ve probably noticed you’ve been having trouble seeing your next door neighbor due to the intensity of the smog. This means we’ve had a lack in precipitation and skiing hardpack can only be fun for so long before creativity emerges. Here are some things we’ve done/found/madeup over the last dry month:

  • Pack 5 people and ski equipment in the car to get to the mountain. by noon.
  • The Inversion: 1 shot Midori 1 shot blue curacao 1 shot peach schnapps cranberry juice and orange juice, shake, pour, consume just like the air
  • Red Alert Pow Day

    found in the tubes of the internet by sarah

  • Chinese Downhill on chips. Skiers choice to compete regular or switch.
  • Pretend you just had major faceshots in some undisclosed location while on the tram. Talk really loud to see if anyone follows you when you get off. Proceed to take them to a sunbaked crusty face and scold them for eavesdropping.
  • Drink a PBR. Repeat.
  • Caught up on watching Bad Girls Club
  • Due to BGC mentality, almost fought a girl on crutches at the bar.
  • Stretch. Repeat.
  • Had Marginal Day: How the Other Half Lives. This day consisted of eating at the cheesecake factory and visiting the mall in Sandy, UT.
  • Add new tunes to the ski-pod and test their rock out ability tramdancing.

This week our days will hopefully change to actually choking on snow and getting lost in the white room:

S N O W !


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