FWT Telluride

For the past 4-ish days I have been in Telluride, Colorado. The town is cute and friendly but the mountain needs more of a base for me to really start packing up and move on over. We rolled into town Wed night and managed to find the hide-a-key, which took some piggybacking(Chris you must be tall!), crashed and went to registration early Thursday morning. We found out that there would be no inspection run on day one(Friday) so we hiked to the top of Mountain Quail twice to scope a line on Review, the Venue for day one. One word can describe what we saw: ROCKS. Pepper everywhere. So much that I managed to get caught, fall head first and get my skis caught on a tree. Hanging upside down over minor exposure is not really the type of thing you should ever get yourself into. After assessing the situation I managed to get it under control and ski away unscathed.

Finals. Mountain Quail.

I started first on Friday hit my 3 airs and skied into 11th place. I was fairly disappointed but after talking with the judges figured out what I would ski in the finals down Mountain Quail. Saturday morning we had one inspection run and then Women started, pretty much, on time. This time I stayed on my feet more with only 2 airs and made fast large turns instead. I felt like I could’ve charged a little harder but was satisfied. Ended up 8th after both days. In classic freeskiing form Saturday night got rowdy on the dancefloor and making sure we remembered everything when packing Sunday morning was a challenge. We went by Baked In Telluride for some nom nom nom-ing on our way out of town. Pretty sure we almost ran over the same gang of turkeys on the way home as we did on the way there. In addition to a few of the same cows. See everyone in Kirkwood, have fun at the Butte!

Another angle of Finals.

Cowboys would be jealous of these buckles.


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