Euro-FWT Fails

I’ve done some failing lately, like not updating the blog, but the Freeride World Tour just won largest fail of the year. They’ve dropped the female side to their tour. Ummmm WHAT?!

Read about it in an article by Megan Michelson on ESPN.

A lot of people are speaking out against this choice by organizers. I personally don’t like this at all. How are you supposed to progress if you never even get the chance to ski the most challenging mountains in the world along side the best competitors in the world, no matter their gender? In addition to the skiing and competition side of things, the FWT will not be picking up the tab for accommodations or lift tickets any more for the women. This is going to hinder the majority of female athletes trying to get to qualifier events… prize money is not equal, sponsorship endorsements are not equal, but food, tickets and transportation sure are. Where do the organizers think women are going to be getting the extra money for travel? Competing is considered a job for elite athletes at the top of their sport because they spend their time training and advancing the sport. The FWT is now demoting the hard work and determination some women have put in over the years to be on par with the men and requiring they put in more financially than the men.


The ladies I know will not let this cripple their spirit or make them work any less harder than usual. In fact, they will tour harder, workout more, challenge themselves farther and stomp landings better than the majority of men anywhere.

Here is Jackie Passo’s winning run from the Freeride World Tour Squaw Valley 2010 Stop


1 Response to “Euro-FWT Fails”

  1. 1 Patrick McIntosh September 19, 2010 at 6:55 am

    Erin, That was the sweetest stomp of the whole comp. How cool for her to win on her home hill too. FWT will have to get their stuff straight on this ruling.

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