If you grew up ski racing, or doing any winter sport, the word dryland might conjure memories of a “puke hill”, more squats than humanly possible and soccer/speed ball/game day. It is that time in the season of life where dryland becomes increasingly important as the transfer to on hill skiing begins. Injury prevention is a big one, but also being able to hike laps to the peak is another reason to keep fitness at the top.

Yesterday Pip and I relived some of the glory of squats… with a twist. We connected some bands from the floor to the bar for another way to work on explosiveness. Instead of loading the bar with tons of weight I used 75 lbs for 2 reps of resistance squats, on the minute for 10 minutes. Then switched to 65lbs for a set of rapid 10 reps. THEN we both attempted 3 sets of 3 reps with a heavier weight, I used 135lbs. The first rep for both of us we bailed on in the lower squat position. Quite entertaining. The feeling and muscle memory built from using the bands is entirely different from a normal squat. On the second attempt I focused on pressing the floor apart with my feet which keeps my knees in line and helps maintain stronger form. THEN we did 4, 500 meter rows with a timed 2min30sec rest period between. My fastest row was 1:49 and slowest 2:01.

Here is Pip working the squats: Resistance squat from Pip Hunt on Vimeo.


I skipped off to class while a group of lady friends went for a little hike ‘n ski on the new snow.

skinning up the cat track

she must do her squats


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