Big Month

Since the last post I have:

Switched from being 26 to 27 years old

Watched the movie GNAR about 4 times

Did Fight Gone Bad Rx’d (except I used a 14lbs ball instead of a 20lbs)

Saw Bag It at the City Library

Skied some awesome snow, because I am the best skier on the mountain. duh.

Did some Outdoor Retailering with SheJumps

Before the Beer was flowing


Made Sushi

Saw Sundance Films: Letters from The Big Man, If a Tree Falls, The Oregonian, and Connected

Director and Cast of The Oregonian

Met some Canadians and discussed the Alberta Oil Sands

Had an impulse art gallery purchase

Now that January is pretty much over it’s time to buckle down and get some writing done! Sadly, I will be in a windowless room in an old old building at the University. Luckily my only class right now requires me to be in ski gear, dig pits to assess snow danger and go touring which I can handle.


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