Touched down in Anchorage, AK circa 1984 and have been stomping the world round ever since.

Erin Bragg
1648 West SilverSprings Rd.
Park City, UT 84098

Birth Date: 01/13/1984

Age: 26

Birthplace: Anchorage, Alaska

Residence: Salt Lake City & Park City, Utah

Education: The Winter Sports School 2001 / 2006 BA Psychology Bates College/ MS Environmental Humanities projected 2011

Current Employment: University of Utah School of Medicine, Neurology Department, Laboratory Supervisor AND SuperStar at High West Distillery


1984- I arrived

1985- Said “eff that” to crawling and started walking

1986- Sister arrived. Started skiing.

1991- Painting exhibited at the local mall

1994- Skied every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and raced on Wednesday. Ditto for the next 4 years

1996- 12 and under state championships took 3rd in Slalom. Skipped school for $1 at Alyeska.

1998- Moved to SLC to attend Ski Academy

1999- Family moves from AK to UT

2000- Won a handful of Downhill races and Slaloms

2001- Got 3rd in the Downhill at Junior Olympics and 5th overall

2002- Tore ACL and some meniscus. Fall College in Maine

2003- Stanton Environmental Award for recycling efforts at Bates College

2005- Lived in Italy for the winter, burnt out on Eastern Mountains and weather, began to have negative feelings toward skiing from it.

2006- Tried to grow up. Failed attempt.

2007- Spent 2 weeks in UT skiing over Feb. Moved back to SLC.

2008- First winter back where I skied over 15 days since 2004. loved it. Attempted some comps.

2009- Getting back in my grove. Still loving it. Began skipping more work days for skiing and traveling to comps. Longest stretch without a work day was 3 weeks. Did majority of Freeskiing World Tour.

The 2008-2009 season was not as successful as I wanted it to be. But live, learn and try that much harder next time. I did stay relatively healthy which was a large goal. At the end I started to ski in comps how I ski on my own when I’m just playing with the mountain but it was too late. I wish we could fast forward to winter right now! I’ll have a fun summer and keep the excitement up to ski in the fall. I did not do as much shooting as I’d like either. I did meet some photographers but know that I have to be aggressive when it comes to their time because they have a lot going on and just to go out with them for a day is competitive in the Wasatch Mountains. I picked up some amazing sponsors that I am proud to represent and hope I can achieve my goals next season to get them some better coverage.

2010- Did some more shooting with photographers. Some more Freeskiing Comps. School was more of a pressure than I had anticipated= Time Filler.

Got D E E P in April. Picked up Stand Up Paddleboarding during the summer.

2011- Anticipate: S H R E D D I N G !


Image construction by Chela Laswell


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