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Just Sayin…

…this is probably going to be the best film ever:

All I Can – Trailer from Chris Dickey on Vimeo.



Last week the surfing community suffered an amazingly heartfelt loss of pivotal member Andy Irons. Whenever a close knit  community looses a friend we are all reminded of those who have left our living world. Typically not a day goes by that friends no longer with us don’t pass through my mind at least once. As a skier I believe that the memory or soul of the dead are represented by ravens. This past Sunday a friend snapped this great photo:

Truthfully, that bird probably isn’t a raven but the image is still powerful.


“This week will forever be remembered in the history of surfing for two vastly different reasons—Andy’s untimely passing, and Kelly’s record achievements. But together, the two most influential surfers of our time made us all aware of how fragile life can be and how important it is to celebrate every moment of joy we experience in our days.” –Shea Lopez

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."


If you grew up ski racing, or doing any winter sport, the word dryland might conjure memories of a “puke hill”, more squats than humanly possible and soccer/speed ball/game day. It is that time in the season of life where dryland becomes increasingly important as the transfer to on hill skiing begins. Injury prevention is a big one, but also being able to hike laps to the peak is another reason to keep fitness at the top.

Yesterday Pip and I relived some of the glory of squats… with a twist. We connected some bands from the floor to the bar for another way to work on explosiveness. Instead of loading the bar with tons of weight I used 75 lbs for 2 reps of resistance squats, on the minute for 10 minutes. Then switched to 65lbs for a set of rapid 10 reps. THEN we both attempted 3 sets of 3 reps with a heavier weight, I used 135lbs. The first rep for both of us we bailed on in the lower squat position. Quite entertaining. The feeling and muscle memory built from using the bands is entirely different from a normal squat. On the second attempt I focused on pressing the floor apart with my feet which keeps my knees in line and helps maintain stronger form. THEN we did 4, 500 meter rows with a timed 2min30sec rest period between. My fastest row was 1:49 and slowest 2:01.

Here is Pip working the squats: Resistance squat from Pip Hunt on Vimeo.


I skipped off to class while a group of lady friends went for a little hike ‘n ski on the new snow.

skinning up the cat track

she must do her squats


It finally hit the Wasatch. It’s working its way to the city but accumulation is sticking where it counts.

totals as of today

This past week I wrote a paper on my similarities with a polar bear. Climate change is doing damage to the bears habitat and feeding/hunting style. What if there were no more polar bears? What would happen to me if winter never came? Here is the last little bit:

The polar bear is a unique Arctic mammal. From its solo life to having the lowest reproductive rate of any mammal it struggles to maintain life as the Northern climate warms. The polar bear cannot live without the snow and ice. These seemingly lifeless cold weather characteristics are essential to its vibrant survival.           *-*-*-*        With one eye closed, not quite awake yet, I enter the bathroom and my heart skips a beat. Outside the window is a large aspen tree and during the fall months the white bark tricks my groggy morning mind into thinking it is covered in snow. This fake out exemplifies how intensely my body longs for the snow after months of summer. I begin to double take dirty white cars in my peripheral, spilled paper from trashcans and bleached rocks. I unintentionally hold my breath hoping that it could actually be winter. Eventually the morning comes when there is actually snow on the tree and this time when my heart skips a beat it resumes faster than before. It is cold. It is snowing. It is winter. My blood is flowing and I could not be happier.

snowline creeping closer to campus

Hope this keeps up for the next few weeks. We’ll have a solid base in no time!

My Alaska

A few days ago a crew from Alaska, Doom/Love, put up a full length snowboard/ski film on their site. They all helped in the conceptualizing, filming, and editing of the film and, I must say, did an excellent job. It is always refreshing to see a group of people who love being outside in the snow whether they are downtown hitting rails, getting creative with 2×4’s and tires, or building kickers and it is evident these guys love it. The Valdez segment stuck with me after the film was done because of the troubles they had along the way and just reinforced the need to have an open mind when heading that direction. Since I am in the stages of planning a spring trip to Valdez with the lovely Pip and a small crew it was good to see how they dealt with the hand they were given and came out on top. This film got me pumped and really made me miss the homeland.


My Alaska full movie from Doom/Love on Vimeo.


Fall is finally here!

Hiking. Pumpkin Pie Baking. Cider Drinking. Ski Movie Stoke. It will be winter soon enough!

Euro-FWT Fails

I’ve done some failing lately, like not updating the blog, but the Freeride World Tour just won largest fail of the year. They’ve dropped the female side to their tour. Ummmm WHAT?!

Read about it in an article by Megan Michelson on ESPN.

A lot of people are speaking out against this choice by organizers. I personally don’t like this at all. How are you supposed to progress if you never even get the chance to ski the most challenging mountains in the world along side the best competitors in the world, no matter their gender? In addition to the skiing and competition side of things, the FWT will not be picking up the tab for accommodations or lift tickets any more for the women. This is going to hinder the majority of female athletes trying to get to qualifier events… prize money is not equal, sponsorship endorsements are not equal, but food, tickets and transportation sure are. Where do the organizers think women are going to be getting the extra money for travel? Competing is considered a job for elite athletes at the top of their sport because they spend their time training and advancing the sport. The FWT is now demoting the hard work and determination some women have put in over the years to be on par with the men and requiring they put in more financially than the men.


The ladies I know will not let this cripple their spirit or make them work any less harder than usual. In fact, they will tour harder, workout more, challenge themselves farther and stomp landings better than the majority of men anywhere.

Here is Jackie Passo’s winning run from the Freeride World Tour Squaw Valley 2010 Stop


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