Winter Love

Happy Valentines Day to you all! Today, like all days, is a day to celebrate all the things you love.

Here is a list of just a fraction of the things I love:

Italy. Red. Poetry. Chuck Palahniuk’s writing. Black. #13. Watching people. Caravaggio. Music. Photography. Honesty. BIG-FUCKING-MOUNTAINS. LightFluffySnow. Wakeboarding. Titian. Memories. Playing. The Moon. SUP-ing. Making Faces. Controling my heart rate. White. SLC. Milk. Hiking. Sunglasses. Black ink pens. Italian Fashion Design. Yoga. AK. Relaxing. Dudes. Crossfit. Fire. Bottles. Oregon. My Sister(s). Art. Funny People. The West. Chocolate. Pumping my Adrenaline. Snowflakes. My Opinion. Climbing rocks. Capricorns. Arcing the fattest turn on skis. Mind-gasims. Spring Green. TTDub. Amusing myself. Vino. PC. Reading. Film Festivals. Lakes. Rouge. Skiing. Being Critical. Playing in the snow.

And if you were lucky enough I gave you a valentine, but in the spirit of fun I was sure you knew I was better than you! haha.

Check out UnofficalSnowbird for a preview.


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